About Me

Hi all! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Heather, and I’m a wife to my awesome hubby, Dan, and mother to two small boys.  I’m an obsessive crafter, baker, cook, and freelance makeup artist. I love old horror movies (especially imports and hard-to-find releases), the French language, tattoos, the color fuchsia, and aspire to one day own a home bakery specializing in pastries and desserts.

So why the title The Nouveau Housewife? I joke around with everyone that I’m like a modern day Betty Crocker (not Martha Stewart, she’s intimidating lol, but Betty Crocker is much more approachable) and I was born in the wrong generation. I approach my love of sewing, baking, and other typical “housewife pursuits” with a very modern mentality, hence the Nouveau (new in French) housewife :)

I’m devoted to my family and love to do everything I can to make their lives better- I’m just not very typical about it. I love to sew my own clothes, but they’re just as likely to have skulls on them as anything else.  I wear a full face of makeup to the grocery store and my toddler knows as many words to rap songs as he does “the wheels on the bus”. Follow along with me as I attempt to redefine the housewife stereotype and replace it with something more modern and more realistic.