Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection for OPI

I love keeping up on my nails when I can and I love Gwen Stefani (I’ve had a soft spot for her since her No Doubt days), so when I heard she was collaborating with OPI again for a Holiday collection, I decided to swing into Ulta and pick up a couple polishes. A lot of the colors are dupe-able so I decided to pick up the metallic silver since I don’t currently have one. I also grabbed one of the overcoats.

Here is the color chart from the OPI website ( :

The colors I bought are Unfrost My Heart (silver) and I’ll Tinsel You In (overcoat). They look like this on OPI’s site: hrf14_g_unfrostmyheart_bottle hrf15_g_illtinselyouin_bottle








Pricing varies. Typically they’re $9.50 each but Ulta usually has a “$3.50 off $10” coupon that you can use or specials like Buy 2 Get 1 free. I picked up these two on a special 2 for $16 plus used a coupon, so it brought them to about $6.50 each incl. tax.

Before I get into performance I’ll preface this review by saying I rarely buy drugstore nail polish. With 2 boys under 3 right now, I only get to do my nails once a week, maybe twice on a rare week, so I need to make them last. I do a lot of housework/baking/cooking/work with my hands and drugstore polish seems to chip on me within a couple days, even with base, ridge filler, and top coat. My brands (in order of preference) are Butter London (only some colors, though, I’ll get into why later), OPI, and then Zoya. I rarely wear anything else, unless I’m doing nail art or only want a certain color on for an event (who am I kidding? Nevermind, I rarely go anywhere fancy anymore- I’m always too tired).

OPI has a patented brush (their ProWide wider brush) that I actually find is a pain to use. I have small nails/nail beds and I like the thinner little brush that Butter London has to get on the sides of my nail. Most people seem to like the wider brushes, though, so I’m weird. The formula itself is the reason I continue to use OPI. Other than their glitters, their shimmers and creams apply easily- some colors even give opaque coverage in one coat although I always use two coats. On days I don’t use a base coat or ridge filler, I still don’t have any visible ridge lines under the polish and don’t usually get staining when I take it off, even with darker colors. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about my beloved Butter London polishes; their darker colors always stain my nails unless I use a base coat. 

And it lasts… holy cow does it last on me. I start getting tip wear in about 3 days, which is totally normal for me. I haven’t tried a polish where I don’t get that, but with OPI it still looks awesome on most of my nails for a solid 7 days until I get larger chips and have to take it off. I do use a top coat (either Seche Vita or Poshe, depending on the polish underneath), but I don’t refresh the topcoat every other day like you’re supposed to. I don’t have time for that and I doubt most people do, either. I put it on at time of polish application and that’s it until it comes off in about a week.

The colors I picked are GORGEOUS-the silver looks like foil on the nail and looked pretty even after one coat. The picture below is after one coat.


The overcoat is a mixture of white bar glitter, white square glitter, and large and small black dot glitter. As with most overcoats like that, a straight swipe onto each nail won’t give you much glitter other than the bar glitter, so you have to put a drop on each nail and manipulate the glitter around the nail with the brush. That’s typical for this type, though, and it all smoothes out with a top coat. The pictures below are after two coats Unfrost My Heart and a coat of I’ll Tinsel You In , plus Poshe topcoat.

IMG_1630 IMG_1632

I love it! I’ve had it on for 3 days now and only have tip wear on one of my nails- the others look pristine still, and I’ve gone hard the last few days baking, cooking, and cleaning. The polishes have held up amazingly well. I’m considering going back and picking up two more from the holiday collection, probably Rollin in Cashmere (the gold metallic) and one of the red cremes.

I definitely recommend these two colors :)

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