Arm Knitting Scarves (or yet another hobby I’ve picked up and am now totally obsessing over)

So… I am pretty crafty. I love scrapbooking, sewing, making greeting cards, tie dying, painting, drawing, etc. I cannot knit for the life of me. Crocheting is kinda sketch. I just end up being all thumbs, dropping stitches constantly, and getting so mad I give up and go watch Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix while cussing at my yarn. It’s weird, because my mom is a crochet ninja and I own approximately eleventy billion (hey it’s a number!) scarves because I love the knit look, but I just am incapable of doing it myself.

Until, that is, I discovered arm knitting. I’ve been told Pinterest is full of it (although truth be told I usually avoid Pinterest if I can, because I want to make ALL THE CRAFTS and it’s a giant time suck) and it’s the “in thing” and now I know why. I can actually do it! I can make things! It takes me about 30 minutes for a scarf or cowl¬†( ignore that I look like death warmed over- I’m being brave and posting a “No makeup, my 2 month old kept me up all night so I look terrible, just focus on the pretty scarf” pic).


I’ve proceeded to make um…9 or 10 scarves and cowls now. It’s pretty bad. I also have enough yarn left to make boot cuffs and maybe a pillow *sigh* I need an intervention.


If you want to attempt your own, this is pretty much the best instructional video I’ve found (but I warned you, it’s addictive!)


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