Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Eye Looks

Here are some eye looks I did today to demonstrate how versatile the palette is and how well the shadows blend together. I am seriously impressed with the quality for the price. No, they don’t perform as well as my MUG shadows (which practically blend themselves) but they’re pretty darn close and they’re $1.24 in the palette (or $2 each) vs. MUG’s $6 each. I actually can see using this quite a bit.

The first two pictures are my orange and purple daytime look and looks #2 and #3 are more for the evening. No falsies on, sorry guys. My contacts are bothering me and my eyes are sensitive today so I just couldn’t do it. Just pretend I’m wearing them 😉 And I know I look like I have a bad case of Bitch Face in all the pictures but it’s because I have hooded eyelids and you can’t see the shadows easily unless I raise my eyebrows and look slightly down.

IMG_2293 IMG_2297IMG_0674








IMG_2303 IMG_2302 IMG_0701








IMG_2300 IMG_2301IMG_0698

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