Brand Spotlight: Colour Pop Cosmetics

If  you spend any time on Instagram or even Youtube, you’ve probably seen a lot of buzz around a brand from Southern California, Colour Pop. They’re known for their eyeshadows (called Super Shock Shadows) and their lipsticks (called Lippie Stix). Everything they sell is $5 each, which sounds like a good deal, and it is, but they don’t provide as much product as other companies so the price is relative. For reference, a MAC lipstick is $16 but gives 3 g of product; a Colour Pop Lippie is $5 and gives you 1 g of product. Still proportionately a slightly better price, but just something to keep in mind.

I decided to give in to the buzz and try some out for myself, on I mostly ordered lip products, but did get two eyeshadows, one in an ultra metallic finish, Get Lucky, and one in their “regular” metallic finish, So Quiche.








First up, the Lippie pencils and Lippie Stix (sorry guys, I’m calling em lipsticks from here out. I’m too old to say lippie and get away with it). I ordered lipsticks in 3 out of their 4 available finishes- Glossy, Satin, and Matte (they also offer a pearlized finish but in general those don’t tend to look great on me so I passed on that). The colors I ordered (and their descriptions off the site) are:

Bound-glossy finish, a “light nude pink”

Lumiere-matte finish, a “dusty mauve pink”

Flawless-satin finish, a “deep red violet”

Chi Chi-matte finish, a “bright true orange”

Chi Chi pencil- I also picked up the pencil in Chi Chi because orange is a color that can bleed (at least, it does on me) and I don’t have any lip pencils that are orange.


Top to bottom: Chi Chi pencil and lipstick, Flawless, Bound, and Lumiere

Top to bottom: Chi Chi pencil and lipstick, Flawless, Bound, and Lumiere

I also tried to get a range of colors- a pink nude, a darker “Kylie Jenner”-esque nude lip that is all over Instagram, a bright color, and a darker color. I also already have lip liners from OCC that I think I can match with Flawless and Bound.

I used a coupon code and had free shipping, so my total ended up being exactly $30 for 7 items, so it breaks down to $4.28 each. Each lipstick comes housed in white packaging with holographic letters and is a swivel stick that has a neat slim shape. It works really well to get in the cupid bow of your lips. The liners are advertised as matching the lipstick and I did find that by layering the Chi Chi pencil underneath Chi Chi lipstick, it prolonged the wear time and overall looked better.








Overall, I actually liked the Satin finish best. The glossy finish (which is usually my favorite finish in a lipstick) seems almost to “slide” around my lips and the wear time was only around 1.5 hours before I had to re-apply. Layering it over a lip pencil (in this case, Nude by NYX) prolonged the wear time to about 2.25 hrs before I felt like I needed to reapply. The Matte finish lipsticks (in Chi Chi and Lumiere), although not very drying as far as mattes go, did seem to feel a bit “heavy” on my lips and I felt like I was wearing lipstick, if that makes sense. The wear time was about 4-5 hours depending on shade before I needed to reapply.

I thought I’d like Lumiere the most, but I honestly don’t. It IS a good purplish-neutral but it just doesn’t “grab” me. Chi Chi confused me- I ordered it because based on swatches online and Youtube reviews, it was supposed to be a coral-orange. Um nope, the description on the Colour Pop site was 100% accurate. It’s insanely bright true orange. Luckily, I like orange lipstick and it looks pretty good on me. It’ll look better in the summer, but I’m glad I got it.

The Satin finish lipstick (Flawless) was a good compromise. It felt comfortable and lasted about 4 hours before I needed to reapply, but I layered it over Hoochie and Black Dahlia lip liners from OCC and was able to get about 6 hours of wear. It stained my lips, but that’s ok- the color it left behind was a pretty raspberry color. I’m obsessed with Flawless. It’s a gorgeous raspberry-red-purple that brightens up my face and actually made me look pulled together even though the only thing I had on (in the full face picture) is foundation and mascara. I can already tell I will wear this constantly.

So on to the pictures:

Bound by itself







Chi Chi pencil and lipstick together







Lumiere lipstick (I’m making a face in the pic bc it wasn’t nearly as pretty on my lips as I thought it would be)














Full face look with my favorite







I actually feel like for the price, the lipsticks are worth getting, with a few caveats. They’re good. They’re not great, but for the price, I can live with it. I don’t even mind the smaller amount of product, because I rarely finish up lipsticks anyway. It’s a must to exfoliate and use chapstick before the mattes. I actually am considering placing another order for more Satin finishes and I need to get a back up of Flawless because it is INSANELY gorgeous. Some of the colors are also dupes for more expensive brands. The Bound lip pencil is supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s Whirl lip pencil and Lumiere is a dupe for the NARS Audacious lipstick in Anna (and it is; the colors are almost dead on).

Now on to the shadows…

They have an interesting texture- it’s like a mousse or a cream that dries to a powder. Once you’re done using them, you have to close the lid tightly so they don’t dry out. If you’ve ever used any of the MAC Electric Cool eyeshadows, the texture is the same, but for 1/4 of the price. They’re pretty pigmented and they’re meant to be applied with your finger or a small detailed eye brush for the best color payoff. Below is So Quiche (left) and Get Lucky (right).  The two colors I picked are pretty neutral, a light shimmery olive green with pink and gold sparkle (So Quiche) and a shiny true liquid gold (Get Lucky).


The eyeshadows wore well for the 10 hours I had them on before I removed them. I used my trusty NARS eye primer underneath the eye shadows. They definitely need primer, but I have hooded lids so I expected that.




I actually find the eye shadows to be a better value than the lipsticks. These shadows are AMAZING. I’m itching to pick up a few more and play around with some more colorful looks. They’re not going to replace my beloved Makeup Geek shadows (which are still my favorite shadows ever), but they’re a good alternative (and slightly cheaper to boot). I would recommend picking up some of the shadows and trying them for yourself. I think you’ll be pretty pleased!


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