Brand Spotlight: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I’ve been thinking for a couple months of doing brand spotlights where I occasionally focus on a specific company or makeup brand that you may not use or even have seen before. I tend to use a lot of brands that are either online only (i.e. without a physical storefront or very limited stores) or may not be familiar to a casual cosmetics user. I have a soft spot for more independent or smaller companies and have found some of my Holy Grail products just from wandering around Sephora, Instagram, or Youtube.

So for my first company spotlight I present to you Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. You can actually buy some of their products in Sephora (I think their lip tars, pencils, and maybe some loose colour concentrates), Lord and Taylor/Nordstrom (lip tar sets) but for their full product offering, you’ll have to go to their website, They are a company that specializes in Vegan and cruelty free products, so no animal testing. Their prices are pretty midrange, from about $14 for their loose colour concentrates to $29.50 for their OCC Skin Tint (Tinted Moisturizer/foundation). I’ve heard great things about their nail polish and concealer but haven’t tried them. I have tried their Colour pencils and Lip tars and I’m very impressed.

Their Colour pencils retail for $16 each and unless specified otherwise can be used on body, eyes, lips, face, etc. In general, I find them to be fairly creamy for a pencil, apply evenly and the wear time on the pencils is incredible. I have never been able to get eyeliner to stay on my waterline (even when blotting with a q tip before application) and their Colour pencils last at least 6 hours on me. That’s nothing short of a miracle! Here I have Tarred (the black) and Pool Boy (the blue) on my waterlines.


I bought a set of 6 full sized pencils from Sephora for $22 total (sorry guys; it’s no longer on their site!) which was an awesome deal. I got it just to try and see what the hype was about. The 6 colors were Pool Boy (blue), Tarred (black), Feathered (white), Black Dahlia (blackened purple-burgundy), Hoochie (Magenta purple), and NSFW (true blue-based red).
These are the colors in direct sunlight:

Ignore the goosebumps...

Ignore the goosebumps…

As you can probably tell from the swatches, Hoochie and Black Dahlia can be a bit patchy when applied, but the other 4 apply like butter. They are SO pigmented in a single swipe and they last. With getting the set, they ended up running me $3.67 each. They are WELL worth it. They’re wood pencils, so you have to sharpen them in a very sharp sharpener, like the Urban Decay Grindhouse sharpener.

You can also use the liners as lipstick if you put a gloss over the pencil, but the only one I wouldn’t do that with is Black Dahlia. It’s too patchy. It looked better when I applied Copenhagen matte lip cream by NYX over top of it.

Still patchy but better...

Still patchy but better…








I also adore their Lip Tars (basically their liquid lipsticks) with a few caveats. One, there is a steep learning curve with application. You HAVE to watch a Youtube demo before doing it. Even a tiny bit too much and it’s gloppy and smears everywhere. They’re heavily pigmented like paint. Two, you can mix colors together and create your own custom shades but the lip tars only look good on for about 2 hours before you have to wipe off and reapply. Some custom colors I’ve made:

Anita lip tar

Anita lip tar



Rollergirl and Narcissus lip tars mixed

Rollergirl and Narcissus lip tars mixed

Anita, Sebastian, and Lydia lip tars mixed

Anita, Sebastian, and Lydia lip tars mixed










If you’re a fan of Vegan/cruelty free makeup or just looking for a smaller company with a wide range of bold colors, check out OCC Makeup. I’m a fan of just about everything I’ve tried from them so far and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you love!

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