1st Empties of 2015!

Anyone who’s a beauty addict will understand the excitement when you actually finish a product. For one thing, it rarely happens. By the time I start to get halfway through something, I’ve moved on to another brand or color. For another, I get bored using the same thing more than once a week. I want variety and I’m convinced I have the attention span of a goldfish, because after a few weeks with a product, I’ve moved on to something else (“Look yet another pink blush! I need it!…”)

BUT…I did manage to finish up some things within the last week so I thought I’d do my first “Empties” post of 2015 with some quick comments and mini reviews. Yes, most of them are sample/mini sizes, but I have a couple full sized items in there too. For the most part, I liked everything but there were a few duds that I was forcing myself to finish up so I wouldn’t feel wasteful (like the dresser full of makeup palettes isn’t wasteful, but whatever…)


Oil of Olay ultra moisture Body Wash- I absolutely love this! I used up the sample size I had from buying dry shampoo at Target and I loved it so much I bought the large size from Ulta. Smells musky and rich, lathers well, rinses clean but soft so you don’t have to use lotion… good stuff. Since having Leo, I don’t wear perfume so as not to irritate him, so it’s nice to have a tiny bit of scent to my skin (and it doesn’t seem to bother him!) I think you can get it for $4 or $5 and I highly recommend it.

Epice purifying exfoliant- I received this in an Ipsy bag (when I used to subscribe) and I hate it. It’s probably one of the worst exfoliators I’ve ever used. It’s so rough on my skin that it leaves it red and irritated for about an hour after using even a tiny bit. I only exfoliate a few times a week, and I tried this all kinds of ways to see if I could make it work, but no Bueno. Every time it irritated my skin, inflamed it, and it felt WORSE after using it. Definitely don’t recommend this.

Skintimate skin therapy shave gel for dry skin- this was meh. I like the Skintimate but I didn’t notice that this was any more moisturizing or better for my skin than any other Skintimate shave gel, so you can skip this.

MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Sens’eyes- This stuff is amazing and has always been my Holy Grail cleaner for Waterproof mascara. It cleans EVERYTHING off your face without leaving a residue and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes (which a lot of makeup removers do). I used 100 of my Sephora points for a sample of this for travel because I already knew I loved this. I’ve actually used up a large bottle in the past. The travel size retails for $10 for 1 oz and the 3 oz retails for $24 at Sephora but it is worth every penny. I horde it and use only the bare minimum, but a little bit will remove all your eye makeup, so a big bottle can easily last 8 months of daily use.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer- ugh, I picked this up at target on sale for $3 and it is a DUD. I have dry skin but I have used primers in the past from Too Faced, NARS, Tarte, etc with no issue. I picked this up since it was on sale, and I forced myself to use it, but just…no. It doesn’t help my foundation last any longer than it would on its own, it actually made my skin feel even more dry than normal, and I tried it lots of different ways. I moisturized excessively even before using this, and this does NOT work with dry skin. You may have better luck than me.

Clinique Repairwear laser focus- LOVE this!!! I get samples from Clinique all the time since I buy my toner from them, and this is like the 3rd sample size jar of this I’ve gone through. My mom gave me this little one (thanks Mom!) because it’s expensive and I can be cheap about skin care, but it is worth every penny. It helps hydrate, smooth out lines and actually makes the skin around my eyes not look so crepey! One day I’ll spring for the bigger jar because this stuff is THAT good. I think you can get it in a kit for $65? Something like that.

Clinique Superdefense moisturizer- I have to moisturize or the skin on my face drives me crazy. I have to do it 2x a day, and I LOVE this moisturizer. It’s made for dry skin and it leaves my skin feeling smooth, not tight at all, and I swear it helps my primer even go on better (not the abovementioned Rimmel one, obviously). I’m waiting to use up some samples of other moisturizers I have from Sephora before I buy a big size of this (and I’m waiting for the Clinique Gift With Purchase that they do every couple months because I’m cheap like that) but this stuff is amazing. I think I may have finally found my Holy Grail moisturizer!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer- I go back and forth about this. For $5 it’s good. It’s a better highlighter than concealer for me, but it’s still the only concealer to date that I’ve gone through 2 full tubes and bought a 3rd. I’ve used it in Radiant as a brightener and in Nude to match my skin tone. I have dark circles and also sunken areas under my eyes (thanks Genetics!) that leave me with really dark circles. I’m not convinced anything will help them go away totally, but this is a decent concealer that will get through a work day with maybe one touch up. I’ve had to do that with $30 concealers, so that part is just me. Until I find something better I’ll probably layer this with my Bobbi Brown concealer/corrector, use that up, and then I may buy another one of these. I keep coming back to it because it’s passable for the price. If you have even medium dark circles, you’ll probably like it.

So that is my first round of empties for 2015! I hope to try and use up a lot more this year. I hope this gave you guys some good suggestions for products to try.

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