The 12 Days of Lips-mas, Day 1

Hey everyone!!! In honor of the holidays, I decided to do a Christmas countdown, my way- the 12 Days of Lips-mas. Starting today I’ll be reviewing/debuting lip looks, one every day until Christmas. I’ll try to be brief and post just the pertinent things each day since I know I have a tendency to get kind of verbose (hey, I could talk about makeup allllll day long!)

So for Day 1 I decided to try my hand at doing an ombre lip. It basically involves using a darker, mid-tone, and light(er) color to create the illusion of fullness or dimension to the lips and is the same concept behind contouring the eye with eyeshadows of differing finishes/colors.

For the look below, I used all NYX products. You can find them at, or Target and Ulta.

I used their lip liner in Espresso, Matte Lip Cream in London, and their Eye Shadow base in Milk for the center of the lip to add fullness and light. I didn’t do a precise line around my lips because I wanted to kind of play up the grungy greyish-beige nature of the lip
IMG_1969 I think it’d be really fun to wear with a dark black smoky eye and grunge makeup (hmm…might do a tutorial for that!)
Make sure to check back in tomorrow for Day 2 of The 12 Days of Lips-mas!

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