Kinky…Boots, that is…

Alright, work with me here, I needed a creative title.

One of the brands I use when doing mine and others’ makeup is M.A.C. I used to use it a lot more, but in recent years I’ve strayed in favor of other brands like Makeup Geek, ColourPop Cosmetics, NARS, and Urban Decay.

One of the things that I think is amazing about M.A.C. is their support of the arts community and those living with AIDS/HIV. 100% of the profits from their VIVA Glam lipsticks and lipglasses go to people living with AIDS/HIV, so every year I pick up one of their new shades and wear it on World AIDS Day. Viva Glam 1 (designed in collaboration with RuPaul) used to be the only red lipstick I could wear and not look like I was playing dress up in Mom’s makeup vanity again.

Until I discovered Kinky, a new lipstick and lipglass released in November and inspired by the musical Kinky Boots (

KB-0028M-5x7-BwayArt-Brochure1I mean, c’mon, CYNDI LAUPER wrote the music and lyrics! It’s actually a really sweet, silly, and at times sad musical and I highly recommend seeing it if you can.

What was that? Squirrel?!…Oh right, lipstick.

So Kinky is everything. It’s M.A.C.’s matte formula but it isn’t nearly as drying as their normal matte formula. You don’t even need a lipliner if you are averse to such, but I recommend using at least a clear liner. I didn’t notice any feathering but I religiously use Cargo’s Reverse lipliner (Holy Grail item right there- I will FREAK if it is ever discontinued) so I rarely see feathering with lipsticks anyway.

But the color- OMG, you guys, the color of this lipstick! It’s the perfect neutral/slightly blue-based red, bright but not obnoxiously so, and it looks like a color a long-forgotten movie star from the 40’s would’ve worn sitting in the corner in a smoky jazz club. It is THAT hot. On its own, like most matte reds, it has the flatness on lips. (first pic)

But when you throw the Kinky lipglass over it, it transforms into this vinyl looking red, shiny and you can see the tiny bits of silver glitter in the formula. (second pic)

I’ll even throw in a bonus pic of me wearing it in an 80’s inspired makeup look (third pic). It makes blue eye shadow look GOOD. I might look like an extra from Hedwig and the Angry Inch or one of the girls in the Addicted to Love video, but those lips are EVERYTHING.

Holy nostrils, Batman!

Holy nostrils, Batman!











On its own, though, the lipglass is just…meh. It looks like a gloss you could spend $3 on and be happy you didn’t spend more. It’s pretty, but it’s not $15 worth of pretty. It’s a strawberry pinkish-red with glitter. It’s also still available on the MAC website ( whereas the lipstick is sold out.

But I think you could put the lipglass over any matte red lipstick and get pretty much the same effect as long as it’s a blue-based or neutral red. I’m pretty much hoarding my tube of Kinky, though (I didn’t buy a backup, because I normally can’t wear red so I didn’t have high hopes for it), so I’m thinking I need to try it with another red and see if it works the same.

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