DIY Watercolor Mug

When I was looking on Youtube the other day for new crafting ideas, I stumbled on a video for making DIY watercolor mugs and it seriously is the easiest thing ever. I decided to practice with a cheap $1 mug from Walmart that I’ve had for awhile, just in case it ended up being a train wreck. And it turned out awesome! I think this would be a great idea for holiday gifts for people or just experimenting for someone’s birthday. I also want to try it with a gold metallic polish and maybe some glitter polish.

Here is the video I used:


And here is how my mug turned out:











It was pretty simple and I used three colors of polish- a purple, a royal blue, and a turquoise. Some things I learned: don’t make the water too hot or too cold- it causes the nail polish to ball up and get gummy. It needs to be room temperature/slightly warm and there needs to be enough water in the container to completely cover up to whatever area you are trying to dye. You also have to work really, really fast- you may not even need the toothpick if you work fast enough.

It’s safe to drink out of once it dries (which took about 2 hours for me) but do not put it in the dishwasher at all (even the top rack). The high temperatures will destroy the coloring. I currently have it sitting on my craft desk holding my pens/scissors, but I did test it by drinking coffee out of it and it handled just fine, even with the coffee being hot.

If you try it, let me know how it works for you. Happy crafting!

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